​​Minnesota State Patrol Statement on Recent Temporary Restraining Order

The Minnesota State Patrol has issued a statement in response to the recent temporary restraining order filed in federal court. Read the full statement​.

Who is leading Operation Safety Net?

Operation Safety Net a joint effort among the Minneapolis Police Department, Hennepin County Sheriff's Office, the State of Minnesota and local jurisdictions. These agencies operate under a unified command, which means multiple voices from involved agencies contribute to the operational decisions.

We’re here to protect people, freedom of speech and property. If you’re active, be peaceful. And always be safe.

Visit this FAQ page​ to learn more about Operation Safety Net.

What accountability measures are in place?

Each agency holds its officers accountable for his or her conduct. Accountability starts with the mission and values of each agency, which are rooted in respect and serving their communities. These values are then reflected in policies, which provide members with expectations and procedures that govern how they should engage in fundamental job duties. Learn more about accountability.​

News Conference: April 17, 2021 -- Briefing Update #1 (12:20 a.m.)


Last updated April 17​